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I am an ornithologist and evolutionary biologist with practical and theoretical experience ranging from museum based studies and fieldworks to molecular-based laboratory and analytical techniques. Much of my recent research involves using DNA sequences to reconstruct phylogeographic hypotheses of vertebrate species, particularly bird species.  I am becoming increasingly interested in evaluating how past responses to climate changes may affect history of vertebrate species, and how this knowledge can be used for conservation.


The lab has conducted research on the molecular biogeography (phylogeography), distribution and conservation of species using field studies, geographic information systems and molecular phylogeography. Through our research we try to understand biogeographical patterns of species and their biological responses to climate change. Research is mainly concentrate on terrestrial vertebrates, particularly birds and mammals. The lab has also focused on plant biogeography (collaboration with Barış Özüdoğru).


Our Turaco phylogeny has been published in American Museum Novitates.

Historical biogeography of the subalpine warbler species complex has been published in Bird Study.

Last updated in April 2024

Teke Tek Bilim: Biyoçeşitlilik- July, 2021

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